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TCK.W - Elevator Wire Rope Tester

Country of Origin: China
Sample Available:No
Product Brief Introduction

Wire rope is a very important, but high-risk component of elevator equipment as it directly concerns the safety of passengers’life and property. For a long time, due to the lack of reliable inspection equipment, wire rope safety has always been a “blind spot” of elevator safety management and even a “hidden danger”for passengers' life.

Our company adopts the world's leading Weak Magnetism Inspection Technology into non-destructive inspection of elevator traction rope, which enables to solve effectively the problems concerning elevator rope safety management.Elevator Wire Rope Tester has achieved the perfect combination of innovative technology,practicability and miniaturization, it adopts data logging method to realize the data exchange by connecting to serial port of laptop.

W® Elevator Wire Rope Tester is easy to operate, it's able to inspect multi-ropes in a single row at the same time, the test result is detailed and reliable. It provides the elevator wire ropes operation with high-tech security and has been recognized by users as the most advanced NDT equipment for elevator wire rope inspection in the world.

Features of Elevator Wire Rope Tester

High sensor sensitivity, high instrument reliabilit
The sensitivity of sensor used by TCK • W elevator wire rope flaw detector is Hall element 7000-250000 times higher than that of Hall elements; The detection accuracy, stability, repetition rate, reliability is much better than similar products at home and abroad;

Testing multi-ropes simultaneously, high efficiency
TCK • W Elevator Wire Rope Flaw Detector can detect multiple elevator ropes at the same time. It takes only 10-15 minutes to complete an elevator wire rope test, which is 15 times more efficient than the detection of the same type of traditional products

Small size, light weight
The weight of TCK • W elevator wire rope flaws detector body is not greater than 2.9Kg

easy & convenient to operate
Just flip the buckle on test body the device can be installed online or unlocked offline. Good man-machine interface, interactive operation allows users to operate easily at a glance;

Wide application
The analysis soft equipped with TCK • W elevator wire rope flaw detector not only meets the testing needs of ordinary users, but also provides analytical methods and means for professionals.

Wide sensor operating temperature
Relative humidity: ≤ 95% RH;there is no temperature drift

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Website: www.wmndt.cc
  • Location:
    606,6/F,Building B2, Torch innovation Garden, Luoyang Area of China (Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone in National High-Tech Development Zone, Luo Yi South Road Luoyang Henan
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