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Handsfree Telephone - JWAT402

Model: JWAT402
Country of Origin: China
Sample Available:No
Scope Of Application              
Widely used in chemical pharmaceutical clean room, elevator, clean room factory workshops and other places.

Product Features              
1. The phone can form an independent telephone communication system with program-controlled switches and couplers.  
2. The phone can be connected directly to the telecommunications network.  
3. After the  composition of the call system, each phone is an independent station.  The malfunction of any phone doesn’t affect the whole system work.  
4. After the  composition of the call system, the product has an automatic gain  function, and the voice does not vary with distance or telephone  quantity.  
5.Telephone circuits  within the integrated circuit using internationally accepted  double-sided, with hair the exact number, call clarity, job stability,  etc.  
6. Stainless steel housing, high mechanical strength, strong impact.  
7. The buttons are flat  and smooth without relief; stainless steel, acid and alkali resistance,  chemical corrosion resistance, using various cleaning agents for  surface cleaning.  
8. Hands-free keypad  design, to avoid cross-contamination; phone built-in circuit  anti-interference ability, stable voice quality, clarity.  
9. You can make an emergency call by pressing SOS button.  
10. When the telephone line is busy, the phone will automatically hang up.  

Technical Parameter              
Signal voltage

Standby operating current
Frequency response
250~3000 Hz
Ringing level
Defend Grade
Corrosion grade
Ambient temperature
Atmospheric pressure
Relative humidity
Lead hole
Total Weight

Usage Method              
1. Press the phone shape button to dial numbers →The callee’s phone rings.
2. The callee hears ringing → Press the phone shape button to answer the call.
3. At the end of the call, press the phone shape button again.
4. The “SOS ”button can be pre-set emergency number. You can press “SOS ”to directly dial emergency numbers.

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Founded: 2011
  • Website: www.joiwo.com
  • Location:
    No. 8 Middle Road Guoxiang Bridge Lanjiang Street Yuyao Zhejiang
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