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Model C Roller Guide Shoe

Model C Roller Guide Shoe
Model: Model C
Brand: ELSCO
Country of Origin: United States
Sample Available:No
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The Model C Roller Guide is unique in its suitability to a wide variety of elevator applications. It is primarily intended as the counterweight partner to the Model A. Yet it is also approriate for use on elevator cabs where the ride quality advantages of six-wheel construction are needed, or where a smaller roller is required for clearance, such as in corner post applications.
1. Six-Wheel Construction improves ride quality and extends the application range. The tandem roller design allows the guide to “step over” misaligned rail joints with only minimal disturbance to the cab and its occupants. And by using six wheels where most other guides use just three, the Model C can withstand the higher loads associated with service and hospital cars. The added stability also helps compensate for unbalanced conditions.

2. Neoprene Rubber Roller Wheels are specially compounded and rigorously tested to ensure a smooth, silent ride. Only genuine ELSCO neoprene wheels provide the damping characteristics essential to ride quality, and only genuine ELSCO wheels are engineered with high “memory” characteristics that prevent flat spots. ELSCO rollers are precision ground to within .002 inches (,051mm) “Total Indicator Reading” for perfect roundness and concentricity, then 100% inspected under stress to ensure a secure bond between tire and hub.

3. Precision Ball Bearings guarantee years of silent use. ELSCO specifies bearings intended for the high RPMs and demanding loads of electric motors – conditions far more rigorous than typically seen in elevator applications. This means that even after years of operation and tens of millions of cycles, only ELSCO roller wheels remain completely silent. Each bearing bore is machined to a tolerance of three ten-thousandths (.0003) of an inch (,0076mm), and two bearings are pressed into each wheel by a computer-driven press, ensuring perfect fit and alignment.

4. Fully Adjustable Stabilizing Springs allow the car to float between the rails, eliminating the bumps and vibrations that adversely affect ride quality.

5. Optional Adjustable Stops enable precise control of the car’s overall postwise float between the rails.

6. Durable Structural Components. ELSCO castings are made from high-tensile-strength ductile iron and aluminum for an optimal combination of strength, durability, and light weight. High quality guide hardware ensures long life and ease of adjustment in the field. All components are inspected and assembled to exacting standards for a lifetime of reliable performance. 
United States United States
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Website: www.elscoguides.com
  • Location:
    11403 Cronridge Drive Owings Mills Maryland
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