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Hospital Bed Elevator

Hospital Bed Elevator
Country of Origin: China
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As far as hospital elevator is concermed, the responsibility it carries is much heavier than the passengers/goods transport. XIWEI hospital elevator applies the design concept of caring every detail. It tries to create aharmonious and refreshing car space. Aiming at different travel requirements of both the patients and the medical staff, it considerately designs various functions. It fulfills the effective transport, comfortable travel, accurate leveling. It provides the passengers with a healthy environment. Therefore the patients are more confident in recovery. In advanced and stable operation quality and economically comfortable lift car structure, XIWEI stretcher elevators can fully satisfy the requirement by the national Residential Design Standard to open a wholly new greed path for your residence.

Design Of Twocontrol Panels,Caring Vulnerable Groups
The design of double control boxes is the most significant feature of XIWEI hospital elevator. Based on conventional steering panel technology,a braille control panel is added to one side wall of the car, this not only meet the needs of people with impaired movability, but also takes into account the needs of special populations.

Personalized Design And Safety
It can satisfy the demand of carrying urgent patients.Personalized design in addition with the whole set of advanced equipments make the transportation stable and comfortable to guarantee the patients for timely medical care.

Tailored Design And Convenient Installation
It saves space for machine room.XIWEI stretcher elevators can provide tailored design service.It can be designed according to your construction condition and architectural style as well as convenient installation.

Space Expansion And Rich Functions
The lift car is spacious and bright. Not only being functioned as carrying passengers, it can also admit stretchers. Meanwhile, it can provide convenience for carrying large furniture.

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  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Website: www.xiweielevator.com
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    Room 608, Yuanshun Building,  No. 509 Xingzhong Road,  Yuhang District Hangzhou Zhejiang
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