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Privacy Policy

Except for the purposes and within the context of the Membership and Services Agreement with the Users, LiftExpo.com will not disclose to the third parties any of the personal information received from the Users through the Website.

With the intention to diagnose problems related to the system and to administer the Website, LiftExpo.com, in case of need, may collect and use the IP addresses of the Users. IP addresses might also be used for identifying the general Users and collecting broad demographic information.

Users may be required to submit some certain personal information (including name, surname, company information, telephone number, address or email address etc.) to LiftExpo.com through Membership or by way of filling out forms and taking pools over the Website.

LiftExpo.com, other than in the context of the Membership and Services Agreement, may use the received information for direct marketing by LiftExpo.com or its partners. User’s personal information may be used in order to contact the User. Other than in the context of the Membership and Services Agreement, information required by LiftExpo.com or provided by the User or information used during the transactions may be used by LiftExpo.com and its partners in order to carry out statistical researches, built databases and marketing surveys without disclosing the identity.

On the Website, LiftExpo.com may provide links to other sites. LiftExpo.com assumes no responsibility as to the privacy practices and the content of such sites.

User Profile includes name, surname, company information, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any information to identify the User. Unless otherwise provided herein, LiftExpo.com shall not disclose any of the information defined as the User Profile to any unaffiliated companies or third parties.

In the limited number of circumstances as provided below, LiftExpo.com may disclose personal information of the Users to third parties;


- disclosed under operation of Statutory Decree, Bylaws and any other laws enacted by the regulatory authorities and which are in force;

- disclosed pursuant to the provisions of the Membership and Services Agreement and any other agreement signed between LiftExpo.com and the Users;

- disclosed pursuant to the lawful requirement or request of a governmental or judicial authorities,

- disclosed in any other circumstances where disclosure was necessary to protect rights and safety of the Members.

LiftExpo.com undertakes and acknowledges that it keeps the confidential information strictly secret and in confidence, treat all the confidential information as confidential and to make all reasonable efforts and take appropriate measures to procure and maintain the confidential status of any and all of the confidential information to prevent any of the information coming into the public domain or its unauthorized use or disclosure to any third parties.

LiftExpo.com may use some certain technologies (cookie) to collect information in respect to the Users and their use of the Website. A cookie is a simple text file that is sent to the browser of the sites’ User which is stored on User’s computer. Cookies help to improve use of the internet by storing website’s status and preferences. Cookies help to keep records of statistical information with respect to numbers of the people visited the Website, purpose for the visits, numbers and period of the visits and generate dynamically ads and contexts from the tailor made User sites. Cookies are not designed to collect data or any other personal information from computer or e-mail of the User.

During the directing of Google ads to the Website, Google may store cookies to the browser of the User or read the existing cookies or may use web beacons for collecting information.

The information those requested by LiftExpo.com from the Users taking the periodic polls on the Website are used by LiftExpo.com and its partners, for direct marketing to these Users, collecting statistical analyses and for creating data.

LiftExpo.com may change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting on the Website. Such changes to the Privacy Policy will be effective on the date of posting.

Last updated: 12-10-2014